Dry Cleaning and so much more!


Shirts, Suits, Pants, Dresses, Tuxedoes, Leather/Suede Coats, Jackets & lots more.

What you wear says a lot about you! Paying attention to the way you dress shows that you take care of things.

After Carson Cleaners properly cleans your garments, we “finish” (press) your garments using specialized finishing equipment.

The finishing processes used will vary, depending on manufacturers’ specifications, but generally involves steaming and pressing.

*Steaming* is effective for relaxing wrinkles, enhancing pressing, and also serves to enhance cleaning by removing any remaining water-soluble materials and killing bacteria.

*Pressing* is the final step and produces crisp, smooth results difficult to duplicate at home with a hand iron. This requires considerable skill and training.

After your garments have been pressed, they are inspected one last time and bagged to await your arrival.


Less than a New Pillow – Clean and Bacteria Free

Sleep better knowing your pillow has been freed of dust and bacteria. The feathers are cleaned and sanitized, then placed into a brand new ticking.  We return your favourite feather pillow to you – fresh and like new again! 

This service is provided at less cost than a new pillow, and keeps waste out of the landfill.



Hemming Pants, Take in or Out, Replacing Zippers, Repairs and Replacements

Are you tired of having to choose in-store clothing that doesn’t fit properly?
We have an in-house seamstress who can make a new garment or your favourite item of clothing fit you so you look your best – a small investment for a tailored look. At our Hanover location, there is a changeroom available to make custom tailoring easy.

NOTE: The seamstress is only available Monday through Friday. If you wish to check before making the trip, feel free to phone (519) 364-2380 to ensure the seamstress will be available when you plan to visit.

We offer these services.
• Hemming (lengthening & shortening) skirts, pants, dresses and sleeves
• Taking in or letting out pants, jackets, dresses
• Zipper repair or replacement
• Repairing holes & tears
• Sewing patches, buttons and crests
• Replacing pockets in pants or coats
• Making new buttonholes
• Replacing domes
• Adding or replacing knit cuffs
• Adding or replacing elastic
• Wedding dress alterations
• Bridesmaid, prom and evening gown alterations

Items for repair must be clean, or we will be happy to clean them first.
If you need sewing service and it isn’t listed here, just ask!


How much is your time worth?

The number of two-income households continues to rise! Maybe you’re visiting the area, camping, renting, or constantly on the go? Perhaps our Wash, Dry, and Fold service is for you. No more time wasted doing load after load for hours on end!

Our staff can turn what seems like an overwhelming amount of laundry into a clean and folded parcel for you to take home and put away into closets and dresser drawers. Take back your valuable time!!

Eliminate the need for costly detergents and fabric softeners, reduce utility costs or eliminate the regular trip to a laundromat!



Conveniently and thoroughly Clean your Bedding and Household Fabrics

Bring Carson Cleaners your blankets, sleeping bags, duvet, comforters, sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads and let us make them look and feel new again.
We will conveniently and thoroughly clean your bedding and household fabrics in our large commercial washers and dryers and have them returned to you in their own reusable storage bag.


Preserve Your Wedding Dress (Restoration Also Available)

Most brides want to preserve their dress as a keepsake. As professional cleaners, we recommend that you have the dress cleaned by us before storage. The dress may have hard-to-see stains from food, beverages, and body oil. If these stains are not properly cleaned, they may become permanent. Therefore, it is important to point out any stains or spills to us before cleaning. Most wedding gowns have some sort of decorative trim. Again, it is important to inspect these trims with us prior to cleaning since many trims are not made to withstand the dry cleaning process. For example, many beads, glitter, sequins, and laces are attached to gowns with adhesives that dissolve during dry cleaning. Some beads and glitter are made of plastics or covered with surface coatings that are not solvent-resistant. In many of these cases, the trim becomes separated from the dress or altered in some way. In some cases, decorative trims yellow as their finishes oxidize. An ivory or ecru trim may lose its colour and no longer match the gown if a dye component is lost in cleaning. Colour failures of this type are due to poor colourfastness of the dye, not to improper cleaning.

Special Care Instructions

The Care Label Rule clearly states that wearing apparel, such as wedding gowns, must have a care label that provides a viable care method. The care label covers all component parts of the gown, including all decorative trim. Gowns that fail to withstand the care procedure on the label should be returned to the retailer for an adjustment. Look at the care label before purchasing your gown to make sure you understand the recommended cleaning instructions. When it comes time to clean your gown, bring your gown to us so we can professionally dry or wet-clean it. You need not send your gown away for cleaning and storage; we are specially trained cleaners and can assist you for a fair and reasonable price.
With proper care, your wedding gown will remain a keepsake.

Storing Your Wedding Gown

Unfortunately, no process or storage method can guarantee against yellowing or possible deterioration of fabrics.

There are, however, several steps you can take to protect your garment:

  • Have us, your cleaner, pack the gown in a special storage box that will help prevent contamination. Store your gown in a cool, dry place. Do not store it in a basement or attic. Basement dampness could cause mildew; attic heat could promote yellowing of the fabric.
  • If you are storing a long gown on a hanger, sew straps to the waistline of the dress to relieve pressure on the shoulders from the weight of the skirt. Wrap the dress in a protective white sheet or muslin covering.
  • Headpieces, veils and other accessories can be stored with your gown.
  • Preserving the quality of your wedding gown may be the finest gift you can give yourself and a love


Residential & Commercial Drapery Cleaning Specialists

Draperies, curtains and window treatments collect a huge amount of dirt over time. Dust, oil, pollution, smoke, pollen, heating fumes and bacteria are just some of what they retain. Even though they may look visually clean, drapery cleaning is a necessary part of housecleaning. Dry cleaning draperies and curtains will remove the dirt and oils which degrade them over time. Getting your curtains dry cleaned professionally will ensure they are treated properly.

Many factors contribute to the life expectancy of your draperies and it is important to clean them frequently.

The Canadian Fabricare Association suggests cleaning window treatments at least once a year and that vacuuming them between cleanings will help you get the most from your draperies throughout your home or business. Bringing your curtains and draperies to Carson Cleaners is the best way to make sure your draperies are properly cleaned and taken care of.

Whether your window treatments are stained and smoke damaged, or just in need of yearly cleaning, Carson Cleaners is your best choice for the cleaning of your window coverings.

Carson Cleaners can clean any home window dressings – curtains, drapery or sheers. We will have them looking fresh and new again. Even heavily pleated drapes can be cleaned and pressed back into shape. Carson Cleaners has the solution for your home.



Yes, we can Clean it!

Carson Cleaners has been in business for over 75 years and we are often asked, “Can you clean this item?”  Our answer is usually YES!   Just call, or visit us and we will discuss what we can do for you today!
• Seat Cushions
• Costumes
• Canvas Covers for Boats, Cars
• Feather Beds
• Blocking of your Handmade Craft Items (needlepoint, etc.)


Drop your Cleaning off anytime Day or Night

At our Hanover location, there is a garment deposit chute for your convenience. If you want to drop garments for cleaning after hours, put them in a closed bag with your name, address, phone number and requested day for pick-up. Be sure to include specific instructions (i.e. clean and press, repair).

We will start processing your order immediately when we open next! Your order will be ready for you to pick up when it’s convenient for you.


We’re in the Business of Helping your Business Look its Best

What you wear says a lot about who you are. The same can be said about the uniforms worn by your staff.

Carson Cleaners is your local choice for the following:

  • Coverall and uniform cleaning
  • Commercial uniform rental
  • Mat and mop rental

Ask us about any service you require and we will be happy to provide a quote. Together we’ll assess your usage and schedule, decide how often we will pick up/deliver and the time of the day the driver will do it. We will pick up the bags containing your soiled items, tag them with your account information and bring them to our processing plant where each item is counted, washed, dried, folded and pressed or ironed as necessary. Your items are then carefully wrapped and tagged in plastic to keep them clean until you need them.