Q. How long does it take to have my dry cleaning done?

A. Usually we operate on a 3-day cycle. If it’s necessary, we can offer next-day service. However, certain processes will take more time.

Q. Can you clean leather and suede?

A. Yes, leather and suede cleaning takes approximately 2 weeks and we use specialty cleaners for this process.

Q. Should my leather coat be waterproofed?

A. When we clean leather we include a general repellent application as part of our regular service. This can be improved upon for a small additional cost to maximize soiling and water repellent, therefore we recommend it.

Q. Why do you sometimes ask for a release form to be signed?

A. Care labels are sewn in garments by the manufacturer to provide information about fabric content and a suitable method for cleaning the garment. There are occasions when a cleaner will ask a customer to sign a release form. This may be due to a missing care label, or trim that is not covered by the information on the care label. The request reflects the care the cleaner is taking with your garment — they’ve read the label, know what they’re doing, but can’t control situations that might arise from manufactured difficulties.

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